The story of us…


For as long as I can remember, as far as I'm concerned, my mom has always been the best dressed person in the room.  And if you ask her where she got something, all you'd get is a vague response like, "Oh I'm not sure, just something I found in my closet."  But that's a lie - she probably picked it up at a thrift store or garage sale and she'd never say so.  When I was young and unable to appreciate her superpower abilities, I was often embarrassed by my mom's shopping habits.  Cut to present day and it's no surprise that I am doing most of my own shopping at thrift stores and garage sales, scouring the racks for classic vintage and unique pieces.  **With our powers combined...** (a classic Captain Planet reference) the Gold Beret Boutique began to take shape.  

Sometime in college, I got the idea to open a vintage boutique and decided that I'd name it the Raspberry Beret as a reference to the Prince song.  Of course, the timing was never quite right. 


I always thought that if the universe sent me a message, in the form of a beautiful raspberry colored beret hiding in a thrift store rack, that I would know it was still meant to be.  As fate would have it, the opportunity to open the boutique came before I ever found that beret.  Although, in my years of shopping I had found a gold beret which I wear often.  Slightly modified, we went with the name Gold Beret Boutique which reminds me of that dream but also recognizes the reality of working with and appreciating what you're given - a testament to the lessons I learned from my mom.  A week after I filed my naming paperwork with the state, that raspberry beret found me in the racks of a thrift store (I'm not crying, you are).

I am lucky every day to be building this business with my mom, filling our racks and this website with the treasures we find, and then sharing them with you all.  

Live your best life and look good doing it.